Having a good product priced reasonably with accessible distribution is no longer enough.
A viable business is one that is able to fully understand, engage and retain customers, especially those customers that will make or break an organization.

Section 1



Yet your most valuable customers are also the customers that your competitors are going after. In fact, they may already have a relationship long before you are aware of it. What's more, your rivalry has gone beyond the conventional competition. Brands from other categories may be eroding your share of wallet by fulfilling your customer's needs and desires with a different offer. For instance, successfully bidding for a limited edition antique watch may result a delay in the purchase of an electric sports car.

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Trading up

Is your brand able to keep up with this changing consumer expectation?

Characterized by the phenomenon "From Show to Know", we are witnessing that the consumers are becoming more discerning which has driven the delivery and consumption of goods and services to take different forms and shapes. And this is not limited to the luxury sector but also the day-to-day treat such as coffee.

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Evolution of brands

Its strategic importance will only increase with the breaking down of physical and social barriers with the Internet taking over as the primary interface between service users and providers and also amongst the users themselves. Product performance is becoming totally transparent, pricing is no longer something secret and you can purchase what you want anywhere anytime. The ultimate differentiation is indeed the brand.

The future market will be ruled by the brands that fulfill the functional needs, emotional needs and more. They are the brands that can truly play a significant role in the life of the users and because of that have successfully established an unbreakable bond with the users, making the brands less affected during economic recession or any other unexpected crises. They are referred as the "Lifestyle Brands".


Lifestyle Brand
Lifestyle Brand
  • Capable of fulfilling functional, emotional and lifestyle needs
  • Provides usages, feelings and experiences
  • Integrate with users' lives
  • Brand engagement by interaction
  • "Who I actually am"
Aspirational Brand
Aspirational Brand
  • Capable of fulfilling functional and emotional needs
  • Provides usages and feelings
  • Plays a role in users' lives
  • Brand engagement by association
  • "Who do I want to be"
Functional Brand
Functional Brand
  • Only capable of fulfilling functional needs
  • Provides usages
  • Plays limited role in users' lives
  • Brand engagement by demonstration
  • "What do I need"
Brand  Brand Classification

Many brands in the market remain to be functional brands. They continue to exist in the market because they are providing certain product or service that the consumers are looking for.

They provide the basic usage and fulfill the functional need of the users. However, it is difficult to claim absolute advantage on product performance in a world of ever-improving design and production technology.

Many luxury brands, on the other hand, offer more than just the functional benefits. They are consumed mainly because of the emotional benefits that the users derived from the ownership of these brands. They provide feelings on top of usages and often help to project a desired image for the users.

Expressing one's identity is a strong motivation yet aspirational brands are fulfilling this latent demand only by association. Wearing an expensive diamond dress watch makes you feel good especially in front of the peers but that's probably the deepest an aspirational brand can go as far as customer engagement is concerned.

Lifestyle brands not only embrace what functional and aspirational brands can offer, they fulfill functional, emotional as well as lifestyle needs. They provide usages, feelings and most important of all experiences which in turn allow the users to immerse completely into the brand world whilst at the same time to live and breathe in a world that they feel most comfortable with. Their self-identity is totally expressed and felt by physically and sometime mentally participating in certain activities within an environment that is only catered for people who share the same interest and privilege.


Waht is Lifestyle Federation

Lifestyle Federation (LF) is a new breed of branding and marketing firm that offers one-stop solution to corporations targeting at high net worth individuals (HNWI).

LF has formed an alliance network with experts from various industries in the Greater China region. This will allow LF to pick and choose the most optimum task force for each project that is focusing on achieving business objectives with a desirable ROI.

With our team acting as the brand guardian, LF will assist corporations to formulate long term brand strategy and to supervise the implementation of all marketing programs to ensure they are in line with the brand strategy and brand values.

The other unique competence of LF is the network it has established with various experts around the world to design and conduct lifestyle programs. With close to 100 lifestyle programs ranging from fine dine & wine to motor sports to art appreciation, LF can plan and deliver programs that transform corporations into lifestyle brands so they can play a more relevant and significant role in the lives of their most profitable customers.

These lifestyle programs are customized to build customer loyalty through "edutainment". Relationship managers of corporations are given more opportunities to understand, interact and strengthen bonding with the customers that count.

Section 4Our Mission

Lifestyle Brand
Lifestyle Brand
Why remain to be a functional brand when you have the potential to be a lifestyle brand

Section 5Our proprietary Lifestyle Brand Management System


Brand Evaluation

The first step of the 4E Brand Management ProcessTM is to find out where the brand currently stands in the market and in the mind of the consumers.

Lifestyle Federation has come up with a proprietary approach to examine the brand's position from all angles including a critical assessment of the brand's performance from the user's perspective, a comparison with the principal competition, identification of the lost business opportunities and how well the brand is represented by its staff at all the different contact points, etc.

This will ensure that we can derive an objective, professional and complete evaluation of the brand that is totally business-driven and be able to lead to successful formulation of the most viable brand strategy which is the second step of the 4E process - Brand Enforcement.

Brand Enforcement

After gathering all the relevant information and strategic insights, the next step is to consolidate all the inputs in order to articulate your brand promise in such a compelling way that your target customers cannot resist.

The transformation of your brand into a genuine lifestyle brand is more than just launching a new advertising campaign. It may require some fundamental changes to the product design or how the service is delivered. In a nutshell, the focus of Brand Enforcement is to reposition your brand so that you are answering the customer's needs better than the competition in a highly differentiating way.

Brand Engagement

The third step of the 4E Brand Management ProcessTM is to map out an integrated approach to effectively engage the different stakeholders of the brand to the extent of converting brand-terrorists into brand-advocates. Customized lifestyle programs with both entertainment and educational values can be carefully planned for building bonding with the corporate's most valuable customers.

Brand Enhancement

As the name implies, Brand Enhancement is all about extending the brand influence into non-conventional business opportunities yet at the same time upholding the integrity of the brand. This will include but not limited to brand extension, new segment penetration and global expansion strategy.

Section 6What We Offer


Lifestyle Federation offers a complete solution from strategic planning to program implementation.

Our range of professional services are proven marketing tools to assist corporations to remove barriers or to capture exceptional business opportunities.


  • 1.1Brand Health Check
  • 1.2Customer Loyalty Audit
  • 1.3Customer Profile Analysis
  • 1.4Brand Relevance Analysis
  • 1.5Strategic Competitive Analysis
  • 1.6Brand Potential Identification
  • 1.7Ambassador Delivery Assessment
  • 1.8Customer Journey Audit
  • 1.9Brand Reality Check


  • 2.1Brand Enforcement Ideas
  • 2.2Lifestyle Brand Strategy Blue Print
  • 2.3Perception Change Catalyst
  • 2.4Product Development Concepts
  • 2.5Lifestyle Brand Transformation Strategy / System
  • 2.6Opportunity Reactivation Plan
  • 2.7Preferred Brand Formation Process
  • 2.8Brand-Oriented Marketing Plan
  • 2.9Effective Customer Segmentation and Retention Strategy
  • 2.10Brand Ambassador Conversion Program
  • 2.11Product Extension Viability Study


  • 3.1Integrated Communications Plan
  • 3.2Multiple Touch Point Integration Plan
  • 3.3Lifestyle Programs for Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • 3.4Branded Content Development
  • 3.5New Customer Recruitment Program
  • 3.6Brand Advocate Conversion Program
  • 3.7Brand Issue / Crisis Management Manual
  • 3.8B2B Partnership Reinforcement Program


  • 4.1Brand Extension Strategy & Options
  • 4.2New Market Entry Strategy
  • 4.3New Segment Penetration Strategy
  • 4.4Signature Events for Brand Reinforcement
  • 4.5Brand Globalization Strategy

Section 7How We Work

Strategist integrator Separator

We have a group of highly trained individuals that will continue to play the role of "strategist" and "integrator". They are your point of contact so you can talk to one person or one team about all your needs. This group will then tap all our internal resources and the alliance network we have built to come up with the most optimum and financially viable solution to accomplish your business objectives.

We are here to serve the customers of our customers as this is the most genuine way to be truly client-centric and result-driven.

Section 8Our Proprietary Lifestyle Brand Transformation System

Chart Start Target Definition Category Routine Current Brand Definition Lifestyle Brand Transformation Brand Role In User's Life Most Aspired Lifestyle Signature Move Branded Content Creation 5 Senses Appeal Ideal Communication Mix

Clear target definition helps to maximize ROI

Examining the existing norm for industry practice and user's experience to identify gap for improvement

Review current brand DNA and untapped possibilities

By merging the above analyses, we can identify the best angle to break the routine and add more value to the defined target segment

To expand the brand role by precisely spelling out its functional role, aspirational role and lifestyle role

To anchor the user's experience by picking the type of lifestyle that is most relevant to the category as well as the user's preferred style of living

To send out strong signal of change with special event, product modification or new brand campaign, etc.

To integrate with user's life by providing the most useful, amusing and relevant content

To create total immersion opportunity by appealing to all the 5 senses of the customers particularly within the retail environment

To define the most optimum channel mix to ensure the building up of brand preference throughout the customer journey

The LF Lifestyle Brand Transformation SystemTM involves ten critical steps that will interrogate the threats and opportunities faced by the brand and come up with a logical and structured approach to build a distinctive and enduring lifestyle brand:

Section 9Our Client Partners

Our Client Partners

Section 10B2C Lifestyle Programs - What is life without style


It will be boring and mundane, isn't it? In fact, it's human nature that we are constantly seeking pleasure and enjoyment in life. We at Lifestyle Federation are very excited to be offering our participants, the opportunity to pursue a more interesting and upscale lifestyle.

Evidenced by research again and again that consumers these days are no longer satisfied with the engagement of premium goods and services that are only skin deep. They want to know what's behind the label and to genuinely appreciate all the delightful things life has to offer.

Lifestyle Federation aims to empower people with the knowledge and skills to appreciate the finer things in life. Through our innovative lifestyle programs, and by partnering with the experts and masters in different areas, we offer our customers the opportunity to learn, to interact, to fully experience and eventually to appreciate the different aspects of living life to its fullest.

We offer a full spectrum of various experiences ranging from wine and cigar appreciation, to becoming a sake connoisseur; from the mastering of a supercar to the ownership of a mega yacht, to name a few.

Founded and strategically managed by business leaders who are active seekers of new life experience themselves, Lifestyle Federation aims to offer the affluent consumers an experience that money can't buy.

We focus on knowledge and interaction, from the beginning to the end. This emphasis creates a more exciting and enjoyable customer journey, that is beyond expectation for all parties involved. Our program aims to empower the participants with an overall feeling of self-fulfillment, whilst at the same time totally immersed in the universe of entertainment and amusement.

This B2C lifestyle program business unit is a natural spin-off of our lifestyle brand consulting unit. It has great synergy with our core consulting business and also allows us to stay at the forefront of the lifestyle industry, directly interacting with the end-users and constantly checking the pulse of the market.

Section 11We Want To Hear From You

We have a dynamic, international team literally joining us from around the world. This allows us to understand and appreciate the different cultures and therefore be able to create the delightful "surprise" for customers with different background and cultural orientation.

If you are passionate about life and want to add values to the lives of others, this may be your destination.

Whether you are turning a new page in your career or looking for strategic alliance, we are interested to listen to your stories.

If you are a brand owner or manager and are anxious to take your brand to the next level, we're just a button away.